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Democrat Lawmaker Blasted Publicly: ‘You Are A Sick Man’

via NBC News
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A pro-Trump GOP activist called for Democratic California Rep. Adam Schiff to retire from Congress instead of running for a Senate seat due to various reasons, including pushing the Trump-Russia hoax, alleged mendacity, and support for social media censorship.

The activist labeled Schiff as a “sick man” and expressed disdain for his actions.

The encounter took place at an airport, and the activist later elaborated on why he believed Schiff should leave federal politics. (Trending: Tucker Reveals The Moment He Became A Full-Blown Trump Supporter)

“I think you should be ashamed of yourself and how often you lie to the American people,” X Strategies CEO Alex Bruesewitz said.

“I hope you lose your Senate race — which it looks like you’re doing — and that you retire from American politics, because you are a sick man.”

“Thank you.”

The individual behind the camera then said to Schiff, “Thank you for costing him a lot of legal fees with your subpoena.”

Schiff’s feud with Elon Musk and his stance on free speech has launched him into the spotlight in recent months, as well as his allegations of dishonesty.

“Adam Schiff knowingly sent out BS subpoenas to dozens of innocent citizens. Forcing people to spend fortunes to defend themselves. Not just with the Russian collusion big lie, but also with the sham January 6th committee. Schiff used both of those lies to personally enrich himself and gain political notoriety,” Bruesewitz said separately.

“Adam Schiff is a sick man who should’ve been expelled from Congress a long time ago,” Bruesewitz said in another post.

“He defrauded the American taxpayers with his bogus Russian collusion witch hunt and then did it again with the sham J6 committee,” Bruesewitz added.

“He is also now targeting @elonmusk because Elon stands for free speech.”

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