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Israeli Minister Shamelessly Exposes Michelle Obama

via i24NEWS English
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May Golan, Israel’s Minister for the Advancement of Women, stated that she approached Michelle Obama to condemn attacks on Israeli women by Hamas but received no response.

Golan criticized women’s rights organizations for not addressing allegations of sexual violence during the attack.

She claimed that Michelle Obama did not respond to her request to condemn the attack, despite providing detailed testimonies. (Trending: Olympic Gold Medalist Sentenced For Jan 6)

Golan’s comments highlight the lack of response from prominent figures in addressing the issue.

“It’s impossible to trust these institutions any more,” Golan said.

“From my perspective, they don’t have any relevance anymore. And that’s what I want to say. When Michelle Obama, wife of Barack Hussein Obama, said, in public, went out against Boko Haram, and called to return the girls that were kidnapped by Boko Haram, we had, here, a moment of silence, for a sigh ––”

Erel Segal of Israel’s Channel 14 interjected, saying, “She said nothing? She said nothing.”

“Not a word. And we approached her, I tell you –” Golan began.

“Oh, this is new. You approached Michelle Obama –” Segal cut in.

“Unambigously,” said Golan.

“– please condemn the case of the slaughter of the 7th of October, and Michelle Obama did not agree to condemn it?” asked Segal.

Golan responded, “I’ll the you more than that. I sent her a description, in authentic, sworn testimony, by people who told about the collection of severed female organs from women who had been raped, on broken pelvises, about shocking things that … I don’t want to continue to say in the Israel media.”

“We know that the request has been received. She is not in a political position, she can certainly respond. Silence from her, from all the other female celebrities.”

Despite Michelle Obama’s involvement in women’s projects, there have been no public statements about the attack.

UN Women condemned the violence against Israeli women eight weeks after the incident.

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