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Hamas Relies On ‘Useful Western Idiots’ For Sympathy

via NBC
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Renowned military historian Dr. Victor Davis Hanson discusses the alignment of Hamas with left-wing groups and the use of Western support to further their cause.

He described Hamas as a “death cult” and criticizes their tactics, including targeting civilians and using human shields.

Hanson also highlighted the impact of Hamas’s actions on public sentiment and European attitudes towards Middle Eastern immigration. (Trending: Bombshell Email Uncovered Between Joe Biden And Hunter)

“In precivilization fashion, [Hamas] wished to kill and mutilate the most vulnerable of all Israeli civilians and thus to shock the world that it was capable of — and proud about — anything, from decapitation to necrophilia,” writes Hanson.

“Such animalistic savagery, in the reckoning of Western therapeutic society, was supposedly to be seen as forced upon Hamas murderers by the ‘occupation,’” he added.

“Hamas assumed anti-Semitism was prevalent throughout the West and was canonical in the Middle East,” explained Hanson.

“Palestinian authorities count on the fact that being an enemy of the Jews of Israel wins them empathy of the world and creating their own unique rules of passive-aggressive victimhood,” he continued.

“So Palestinians demand to be the only ‘refugees’ in the world — not Greek Cypriots, Eastern European Germans, and Prussians, Kurds, Armenians, and certainly not a million Jews cleansed from the Arab Middle East,” added the historian.

He suggested that despite support from certain institutions, Hamas’s tactics may not be successful in the long run.

“Hamas relies on useful Western idiots. It understands its terrorists repel the majority of Americans. But it figures Western and globalist institutions — academia, the media, popular culture — in their wealth, ignorance, and self-importance, alleviate guilt and find resonance by mouthing the shibboleths of the ‘underdog,’” warned Hanson.

Lamenting that, “Only in America would the Iranian terrorist theocracy’s ex-ambassador to the UN, Mohammad Jafar Mahallati, be accorded a professorship at Oberlin or a former top diplomat for the Iranian regime Seyed Hossein Mousavian land a coveted billet at Princeton.”

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