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Notorious Mobster Stunned By Latest Hunter Biden Allegations

via djvlad on Youtube
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Former Gambino underboss Salvatore “Sammy the Bull” Gravano spoke to FOX News about a report on the Biden family’s alleged influence peddling.

The report flagged unusual wire transfers to Hunter Biden’s accounts, suggesting possible bribery.

Gravano expressed disbelief at the lack of action and called for honest people to speak out against corruption. (Trending: Bombshell Email Uncovered Between Joe Biden And Hunter)

“It’s mind-blowing. I don’t understand how the country is just sitting back listening to these things and no action is being taken,” said Gravano.

The retired hitman claimed that other people would receive “22 lifetime sentences for this kind of stuff.”

“I cooperated years ago. Everybody knows it – with the FBI, the federal government, some prosecutors, John Gleeson and different judges, he continued.

“And they were so honest. It was unbelievable,” recalled Gravano.

Adding, “I was proud to be with them for a while. I’m still friends with a lot of them.

“And some of them tell me, ‘Sammy, I spent my whole life in the FBI. I’m embarrassed to tell somebody I’m an FBI agent. And I said, Don’t feel like that. Just get out. Speak. Talk against it. Do something’.”

“I fight for a lot of things. The open borders, poor people pouring in there, invading our country by the million… and we do nothing at all,” lamented Gravano.

“Everything they gave for us, and we’re sitting back and doing absolutely nothing. I don’t care how much power they got on their side. We have the people. The people are the power. If we don’t talk, if we don’t say something, then we’re part of it,” he said.

He also criticized the federal government’s alleged misconduct, comparing it to his past life in the mob.

“We did things – I don’t even want to compare. We’re like choirboys compared to these people,” said Gravano.

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