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Kelsey Grammer Tells BBC He Supports Trump And PR People Cut Interview

via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Youtube
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Kelsey Grammer expressed his continued support for Donald Trump in an interview with the BBC, but the discussion was cut short by publicists.

The actor was willing to elaborate on his support for Trump, and also expressed agreement with some of Trump’s policies while criticizing him as a “brat.”

Grammer also lent support to Roseanne Barr, who is known for her outspoken support for Trump. (Trending: Bombshell Email Uncovered Between Joe Biden And Hunter)

BBC journalist Justin Webb had asked Grammer if he still supported Donald Trump.

“I am and I’ll let that be the end of it,” Kelsey reportedly answered.

“I have to say actually Kelsey Grammer himself was perfectly happy to go on talking about it,” recalled Webb.

“The Paramount+ PR people, less happy that he talked about it at some length, so we … Anyway, they decided we’d had plenty of time for our interview,” he continued.

“But I should stress that he was perfectly happy to talk about why he supports Donald Trump and still does in the coming election,” he added.

According to Distractify, Grammar has criticized some of Trump’s policies and even referred to him as a “brat.”

This comes as Grammer is set to reboot his character from the show “Frasier.”

The former president is facing multiple criminal charges and is considered the GOP front-runner for 2024.

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