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MTG Says She ‘Hates’ Republicans Who Are Supporting The Democratic Agenda

via 60 Minutes
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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) expressed strong criticism of Republicans for not doing enough to stop Democratic policies that she believes are harming Americans.

She highlighted the rise in crime, border issues, and economic problems under the Biden administration, and criticized Republicans for lacking the courage to impeach key figures in the government.

Greene also mentioned specific Republicans who she believes are not taking action against these policies. (Trending: Disgraced Democrat Sued For Sexual Assault)

“Here’s why I hate Republicans right now: They don’t do a damn thing to stop it, Tucker,” Greene told Carlson.

“They campaign on it every single cycle. They talk about it. They go on the news and say all these wonderful-sounding things to their voters and their donors.”

“They do their committee hearings’ five-minute clips and post it all over social media, and then they send red-meat fundraising emails, and no one does a damn thing to stop the agenda that is literally killing Americans.”

“The American people should not tolerate it,” said Greene.

“I introduced articles of impeachment on [FBI Director] Christopher Wray, [Attorney General] Merrick Garland, [U.S. Attorney] Matthew Graves, the son of a b—- that attacks these Jan. 6 defendants day-in and day-out, who is horrible,” chided Greene.

“DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas — I forced that to the floor recently. Eight Republicans voted with the Democrats to protect them, three of them were chairmen of powerful committees, and Joe Biden multiple times.”

“Maybe they don’t want to impeach any of these people,” Greene offered.

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