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‘Saved by the Bell’ Star ‘Embracing’ 50th Birthday, Shares Major Health Tip With Fans

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Actress Tiffani Thiessen is embracing change as she approaches her 50th birthday, feeling more confident than ever.

She has partnered with Diamond Crystal Salt Co. to promote their new Baking Salt and is a fan of ice plunging for its health benefits.

Thiessen also maintains a balance between her love for cooking and staying fit, and is open to trying new things as she enters this new phase of her life. (Trending: Disgraced Democrat Sued For Sexual Assault)

“I don’t really know why. I think I have theories on why. I think because, you know, in my 30s and my 40s, I felt like a lot of my energy and my time was toward meeting my husband and having children and really putting a lot of effort and time and focus into those people in my life where now that I’m more settled, you know, and I’ve been married for a while and my kids are a little bit older, I feel like I can put back a little more self time into myself… time for me,” Thiessen said.

“I always believe in sort of an 80-20% kind of ratio in my world, like that’s how I’ve always done it, I try,” she said.

“I do enjoy cooking.”

“I work out… I drink lots of water. I try to take care of my body and my mind because I do believe that both go hand in hand with being healthy all over.”

“I want my kids to see that I take care of myself, you know, on the inside and on the outside.”

Thiessen said she’s “gotten very much into” ice baths, which see believes is worth the discipline.

“It was hard,” she said, “But I was obsessed with how I felt afterward… it’s become extremely popular in the last year and the health benefits are pretty, pretty amazing with what it can do for you.”

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