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Joe Biden’s Disastrous Struggle To Connect With Young Voters

via Forbes Breaking News
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President Joe Biden is facing challenges in connecting with young voters, particularly young Democrats, which could impact his reelection campaign.

His support of Israel during the conflict with Hamas has strained his relationship with young people, as has the Supreme Court’s rulings against his federal student loan debt forgiveness proposals.

Polls show that young voters trust Donald Trump more on the economy, and Biden’s lack of appeal among young Democrats is attributed to his age rather than policy. (Trending: Another Major Company Goes Woke And Goes Broke)

David Paleologos, director of Suffolk University’s Political Research Center said, “In our last national poll, young people trusted Donald Trump more to handle the economy, 51%-41%, over Joe Biden.”

“But, among these same young voters in a ballot test, Biden led by 3 points, 35%-32%,” revealed Paleologos.

“The difference? Independent candidate RFK, who pulled young voters away from Trump,” explained the pollster.

“Both scenarios are bad for Biden currently, either more young voters voting for Trump or more young voters voting third-party, because it’s one less vote for Biden and reduces the advantage Biden should have in this key age voting bloc,” said Paleologos.

Adding, “That’s a far cry from the 24-point thumping Biden gave to Trump among those ages 18-29 years, 60%-36%, in the 2020 election.”

But more broadly, for former Democratic strategist Christopher Hahn, Biden’s lack of appeal among young Democrats is driven by personality and not policy.

“President Biden’s struggles with young voters is due to one thing and one thing alone: They think he’s too old to be president,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer’s fomer aide.

“That factor taints all other issues for those voters,” added the podcast host.

“That said, nothing motivates young voters and the entire Democratic coalition better than Donald Trump,” explained the former aide.

“If Trump is the GOP nominee, they will rally to Biden. If the GOP walks away from Trump and nominates Nikki Haley, it’s big trouble for Biden,” predicted the Democrat insider.

The Biden campaign is aware of the enthusiasm gap and is making efforts to engage young voters, with Vice President Kamala Harris leading a “Fight for Our Freedoms College Tour.”

Despite these efforts, Biden’s recent confusion of Taylor Swift and Britney Spears at a public event highlights his struggle to connect with younger generations.

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