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Hip-Hop Artist On Trump: ‘I Wish He Was Still President’

via LiveNOW from FOX
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Rapper PROLIFICJONNY5 spoke to FOX News Digital about his support for Trump and opposition to Biden, citing economic concerns and Trump’s policies.

He defended the police and disagreed with defunding them, expressing his Christian beliefs and stance against drug use.

“Biden, I don’t know. I know there’s war going on right now,” he said. (Trending: Biden Shamefully Removes God From National Address)

“And they need to get that situated and a prayer sent. I don’t know Biden. Oh, no. Oh, I haven’t heard Biden doing anything yet.”

“I just haven’t read it… I just haven’t. I don’t know.”

“I know that Trump did the stimulus checks to people. I know Trump has let a few artists out of jail [like] Kodak Black.”

“I know Kodak, but personally. So Trump led Kodak out of jail… So, you know, I don’t know what Biden has done. I just know about Trump,” he pressed.

“Trump has been around since before I was born… Look at what he’s done for the people.”

“So I like Trump. I wish he was still president, even though they’re going to say they tried to put him [in jail].”

“Re-elect Trump again. I’m voting for Trump. Re-elect Trump. The reason I like Trump… is when [Biden] became president gas prices rose.”

“I never bought a pack of eggs that was over $10 and the eggs is over $10 now. So Biden got to go.”

“Trump is not racist. Everyone going to have their negative and positive opinion. That’s life. And yeah, whoever don’t like them, it is what it is. I support him. Trump 2024.”

“The police do their job. The police will only do extra if necessary, if you don’t comply. If you don’t follow the rules and the law. You’re going to go through everything else extra. For example, if I was doing something wrong, and the police pulled me over and I was out. I apologize. I know I’m wrong.”

“I’m not going to say, ‘What did you pull me over for?’ Give all that extra ruckus [or] be sitting outside for three hours in that way. ‘Where’s the supervisor?’ I’m not doing none of that extra. You got to be honest,” he said.

“People put themselves in certain positions with the police like that and things like that because they don’t know how to be honest, or they don’t know the law. If you tell the truth, things might go a little bit easier for you.”

“I think people need to just comprehend we didn’t make the laws. These laws were here before we were here. We have to abide by them.”

“By not being a follower. I’m going to be one hunnet (I’ll be honest). Me at 13 years old hearing my uncle, may he rest in peace, was a guy in the street, meaning he knocked people out.”

“Nobody played. I used to look up to there. Yeah, my uncle that guy.”

“But then I’m like, d—, my uncle don’t got a house. D— my uncle don’t got a car there. D— my uncle been to jail 15 times… It should be more to life than that… That’s nothin’ to look up to,” he said.

“So I just separated myself and I found myself,” he said.

“I found out that I don’t like being in certain places… I found out that I like waking up in the morning, putting on the gospel radio.”

He also advocated for stricter laws and longer sentences to combat gun violence.

“But what they can do to stop a lot of gun violence. Is give bigger time for the crime… Make more laws, different laws. That’s what I think will stop a lot of gun violence.”

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