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Evidence Is Closing In Fast On The Biden Family

via PBS NewsHour
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House Republican leadership, led by Elise Stefanik, held a press conference discussing the impeachment inquiry into President Biden.

Stefanik and other House Republicans claim to have uncovered evidence of political corruption involving the Biden family, alleging that over ten million dollars from China, Russia, Ukraine, and Romania were funneled to them.

They accuse the DOJ, FBI, and other agencies of covering up this corruption and attacking Biden’s political opponents. (Trending: Biden Shamefully Removes God From National Address)

House Republicans have launched an impeachment inquiry website to provide updates and evidence to the public, claiming that Biden is compromised and unfit to lead.

“I wanted to begin with a quote from Thomas Jefferson who said, ‘The most sacred of the duties of government is to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens,'” Stefanik began in her conference speech.

“In pursuit of that sacred duty, House Republicans have worked tirelessly on behalf of the American people for months to deliver transparency, following the money and the facts to uncover what I believe will prove to be one of the largest political corruption scandals of our lifetime and potentially in our nation’s history.”

“This impeachment inquiry, led by the Chairmen here today, Jamie Comer, Jim Jordan, and Jason Smith, continues to provide the American people the answers they both demand and deserve,” she went on.

“They have found over ten million dollars from China, Russia, Ukraine, and Romania funneled through the corrupt influence peddling schemes to line the pockets of the Biden Crime Family. The DOJ, FBI, and other federal agencies mobilized to play cover up and attack Biden’s leading political opponent, Donald Trump, in a desperate effort to distract from Joe Biden’s failings.”

“And Joe Biden has lied continuously to the American people about how he was not only aware of, but was involved with, and financially benefited from his family’s corrupt influence peddling schemes,” she pressed.

“Look around this room on these poster boards, the evidence is here. And unlike Joe Biden, the bank records do not lie. The Biden Crime Family sold out America, and the American people have had enough!”

“And while Extreme Democrats pursued a sham impeachment of Donald Trump, focused on baseless lies, driven by partisan politics, House Republicans have and will continue to follow the facts, uncovering more damning evidence each and every day.”

“This week, the House Republican Conference is unveiling an impeachment inquiry website, providing the public with a one-stop shop for updates from each of our committees and the evidence they are uncovering. It also includes a timeline which lays out exactly what the Biden Crime Family did to get us to this point,” she said.

“Transparency is the hallmark of America. With each new fact we find, it becomes more clear that Joe Biden is compromised and unfit to lead.”

“I am honored to pass it over to our Chairmen who have worked so hard on their committees on behalf of the American people, and I’m going to start with our Oversight Chairman Jamie Comer,” she concluded.

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