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CNN Report Backfires As Network Proves Trump Right Again

via ABC
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CNN aired a report on border security near San Diego, showcasing a continuous stream of migrants entering the U.S. with little hindrance, contradicting the Biden administration’s claims of a secure border.

The report, along with a record 232,972 migrant encounters in August, has led to widespread criticism of the administration’s handling of border security.

A Fox News poll indicated that 71% of registered voters believe current border security levels are not strict enough, with a majority expressing dissatisfaction with current policies. (Trending: Another Major Company Goes Woke And Goes Broke)

“They know where they’re going,” resident Brian Silvis said.

“They just ask which way, and I just point them to the direction of the illegal staging area that they have.”

“They have anywhere from 50 to 500 out there at any time, and the border is not secure. We do have an open border right now because they’re just walking in.”

“And you know, we spend millions and billions of dollars securing other borders in other countries before we secure ours.”

“Was CNN at all taken aback by what it observed?” Fox News’ Jesse Watters asked.

“Yeah, they were. They couldn’t believe it… You know, they’re everywhere. This is a crisis. It’s an invasion,” Silvas said.

The influx of migrants has created logistical and humanitarian challenges, leading to the Biden administration’s attempt to shift its approach, including restarting border wall construction in Texas, sparking criticism from both Democratic and Republican circles.

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