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Patricia Heaton ‘Alarmed’ By The Rapid Spread Of Hamas Support

via WKRN News 2
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Actress Patricia Heaton expressed her alarm at the radical support for genocidal Hamas terrorists, following the group’s recent attacks on Israelis.

She criticized media bias, anti-Israel protests, and the silence of various groups in condemning Hamas’ actions. Heaton questioned the reluctance to condemn such violence and emphasized the need for concern and awareness.

“[I’m] alarmed at the horror #hamas perpetrated upon innocent people; alarmed at the biased anti-Israel tone of so many media outlets, especially @BBCNews and @SkyNews, the very people whose country fought the Nazis so valiantly; alarmed at the immediate and well-organized pro-Hamas protests that sprung up all over the West…”

She contined, “Alarmed at govt orgs like @UN who are clearly antisemitic; alarmed at universities’ and students’ embrace of terrorism and oppressive cultures; alarmed at citizens tearing down posters of innocent hostages; alarmed at so many seemingly nice, integrated people, especially in the medical field, revealing genocidal beliefs against Jews; alarmed at law enforcement officers not lifting a hand to stop public calls for violence and death to Jews…”

“Alarmed at the silence of supposedly feminist groups who refuse to condemn #Hamas raping women; alarmed at the silence from so many in Hollywood who are normally quick to jump on any social bandwagon,” she posted.

“‘Je Suis Charlie’ was on everyone’s lips and social media platforms after the murder of innocents in Paris, particularly at the Charlie Hebdo magazine offices,” she noted.

“What has changed? Why is there now such a reluctance to condemn this barbaric and murderous mindset? What are people afraid of? How did so many get brainwashed? Isn’t this something we all need to be deeply concerned about? Or have I just been out of work too long and have too much time on my hands?”

She has been using her platform to promote pro-Israel voices and denounce support for Hamas.

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