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Kim Yo Jong Claims North Korea Will ‘Never Sit Face To Face’ With US Again

via DW Documentary on Youtube
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Kim Yo Jong, a powerful North Korean official, stated that her nation has no interest in meeting with the U.S. face to face on any issues, in response to U.S. Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield’s condemnation of North Korea’s recent military satellite launch.

She emphasized that the sovereignty of North Korea cannot be an agenda item for negotiations and rejected the U.S.’s invitation for discussions.

“I deplore the fact that the UNSC, at which the purpose and principle of the UN Charter have to be strictly respected, is being turned into a land of lawlessness where the sovereignty of independent states is wantonly violated, extreme double standards are imprudently applied and injustice and high-handed practices are rampant due to the U.S. and some forces following it, and strongly denounce and reject it,” Yo Jong said. (Trending: Donald Trump Confronts Bud Light CEO)

“The whole course of the open meeting of the UNSC over the DPRK’s reconnaissance satellite launch, convened at the gangster-like demand of the U.S. and its followers, clearly proves how weak, false and absurd are the unreasonable arguments of some UN member states denying the DPRK’s sovereign rights.”

“The sovereignty of an independent state can never be an agenda item for negotiations, and therefore, the DPRK will never sit face to face with the U.S. for that purpose,” Yo Jong said.

The comments reflect the deteriorating relationship between North Korea and the U.S. after the initial breakthrough in global politics during the Trump administration.

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