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Hamas Did The Unthinkable To Young Hostage

via Guardian News
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A 12-year-old hostage, Eitan Yahalomi, was reportedly forced to watch videos of the October 7 massacre during his 51 days as a Hamas captive.

His father was shot by Hamas, and his family was also taken hostage.

Eitan’s aunt revealed that he was subjected to horrifying experiences, including being threatened with a gun and physically assaulted by residents upon arrival in Gaza. (Trending: Chilling Surveillance Program Under Biden Exposed)

“It turns out that Eitan experienced horrible things there,” said Devora Cohen.

“They forced him to watch the movie of the horrors, things no one would want to see. They made him watch it.”

“We are speaking about the movie of the horrors from October 7, correct?” an interviewer asked.

“Yes, yes,” Cohen said.

“The entire movie. Every time one of the children there cried, they threatened him with a gun to silence him. And when he arrived in Gaza, the residents, everyone, hit him. He is a 12-year-old child. We’re talking about a 12-year-old child.”

“Did you expect such horrors, that he would tell you indescribable things, like what you just shared?” the interviewer questioned.

“In all honesty, I didn’t expect,” Cohen answered.

“Maybe I am naive. But I wanted to hope they were treating him well. Turns out, no. They are monsters.”

“We waited all day,” she recalled of his release.

“We were so happy. But now that I know this, I’m worried. I’m worried. His father is still there. And there are 160 more who haven’t returned. That’s a lot. Imagine, 160 people. … How can you feel well after you experience something like that? I’m going to see him and give him a big hug. We have a long way ahead of us.”

“Was Eitan hit by the people there?” the interviewer asked.

“Yes, yes, when he arrived in Gaza, they hit him. All the people from the area he entered Gaza hit him. He’s only a child,” Cohen pressed.

The family expressed concerns for his well-being and the trauma he endured.

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