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Grinch Stands Outside School With ‘Santa Is Fake’ Sign

via Jersey Shore Online on Youtube
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A Texas “pastor” dressed as the Grinch stood outside an elementary school with a sign saying “Santa is Fake, “Jesus is Real” to spread his beliefs to the children and parents.

He later claimed he was assaulted and that the police blocked him from exercising his rights.

“Hundreds of children heard the message and many parents as well,” the pastor wrote. (Trending: Chilling Surveillance Program Under Biden Exposed)

“It’s very telling for a society to go this far in protecting a LIE.”

“To go that far in trying to protect kids from hearing the truth. It’s no wonder our country is in trouble.”

“You shouldn’t lie to children,” Grisham said before having the sign taken.

The school’s principal called him “unwanted and uninvited” and said some children and families were frightened by the move.

“I’m saddened by the fact that some of our kiddos and families were frightened because of him,” said Kelsey Williams.

Grisham’s social media reads that he is “in an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ first and foremost above ALL things. I profess his name before men.”

“I am the pastor of a small group of street preachers who take the Gospel to those who will not step into a church,” he says.

The man planned to have more people spread the same message and asked for donations.

He is the pastor of a group of street preachers and has strong issues with Santa Claus.

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