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Biden’s Efforts Will Leave Hamas Intact And In Power

via PBS NewsHour

A source within the Israeli government expressed concerns that President Biden’s pressure could result in Hamas surviving the conflict intact, rather than allowing Israel to eliminate its military and governing capabilities.

The White House sought a “pause” in the fighting to facilitate the release of hostages, but Israel intends to continue military operations against Hamas after the pause.

The U.S. administration’s imposition of conditions on Israel’s military operations in Gaza has made defeating Hamas nearly impossible. (Trending: Chilling Surveillance Program Under Biden Exposed)

“The Israelis have been pretty clear that once the pauses are complete and the hostage exchanges [sic] are over that they intend to continue their military operations against Hamas,” said Biden’s Security Advisor John Kirby.

Caroline Glick wrote, “At a minimum, it is clear that Biden’s preference for the lives of civilians in Gaza over the lives of IDF soldiers on the ground ensures that far more soldiers will be killed in the fighting than would otherwise.”

Additionally, Biden’s stance on civilian casualties and opposition to Israeli airstrikes has raised concerns about the impact on IDF soldiers and Israeli security.

The Biden administration’s approach to Israel has led to divisions and pressure on Israel to accept further pauses in military operations, with potential implications for Israeli governance and security.

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