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Biden’s Cryptic Post About What Hamas Really Wants Sparks Outrage

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President Biden’s remarks on Israel’s conflict with Hamas have sparked concerns on social media, with many questioning if he is endorsing a total cease-fire.

“Hamas unleashed a terrorist attack because they fear nothing more than Israelis and Palestinians living side by side in peace. To continue down the path of terror, violence, killing, and war is to give Hamas what they seek. We can’t do that,” Biden wrote.

Critics argue that a cease-fire would be a victory for Hamas, and some have accused Biden of pivoting away from supporting Israel. (Trending: Biden Shamefully Removes God From National Address)

Despite pressure, Biden and his allies have largely supported Israel’s right to defend itself, leading to pro-Palestinian protests.

The president’s comments have generated mixed reactions and raised questions about his stance on the conflict.

“This statement is a giant lie,” said Ron DeSantis press secretary Jeremy Redfern.

“A large majority of Palestinians in Gaza support the October 7th terrorist attacks, and they don’t want a two-state solution. They don’t want Israel to exist.”

“When Palestinians say ‘from the river to the sea…’ we should believe them.”

“Good lord. The only way Israelis and Palestinians can ever live side by side in peace is if Hamas is destroyed,” Washington Post columnist Marc Thiessen said.

“Because of pressure from Democrats I hope this isn’t the beginning of Joe Biden’s pivot away from Israel. Also, Mr. President, where are the American hostages?” questioned Sen. Eric Schmitt.

“This is a weird, unclear tweet. The part about not giving Hamas a war, aka permanent cease-fire instead, is a big problem,” Fox News’ Katie Pavlich said.

Former U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh posted, “Dear @POTUS, You’ve been great so far standing strong with Israel. Don’t go wobbly on Israel now. I know your Democratic voting base is divided on Israel, but America overall supports Israel. Israel must defeat & destroy Hamas. Don’t tie Israel’s hands.”

“Don’t micromanage Israel. Keep standing strong with them. What Hamas seeks is to stay in power. That can’t happen. What Hamas seeks is Israel’s destruction. That won’t happen.”

“This is a bad & confusing tweet here. You ought to delete it. Thanks.”

“Wild how his rhetoric is night and day when it comes to Ukraine,” Florida’s Voice CEO Brendon Leslie said.

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