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Biden Gets Scathing Wake-Up Call: ‘Many Young Democrats Don’t Like Him’

via PBS NewsHour
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The New York Times reported on President Biden’s lack of popularity with young voters, noting that polls show a close race between Biden and Trump among this demographic.

Biden’s low approval rating, particularly among young Democrats, is largely attributed to his unpopularity regarding factors such as age and his handling of the Israel-Hamas war.

“Virtually every poll shows a close race between Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump among young voters,” New York Times chief political analyst Nate Cohn wrote. (Trending: Donald Trump Confronts Bud Light CEO)

“To many of our readers and others, it’s a little hard to believe — so hard to believe that it seems to them the polls are flat-out wrong,” Cohn added.

“We see no evidence of that.”

“In our polling, the problem for Mr. Biden isn’t too few young Democrats. It’s that many young Democrats don’t like him.”

“This kind of intraparty dissent is rare but not without precedent in our polling,” Cohn wrote.

“I’ve seen it in our congressional polls of highly educated suburbs full of Romney-Clinton voters. And I’ve seen it once before in a statewide presidential race: our final polls in 2016, when Mr. Trump suddenly surged to obtain 30 percent of white working-class registered Democrats.”

“It was hard to believe, but it was fairly easy to explain and it raised the serious possibility of a Trump win.”

“Virtually every poll shows a close race between Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump among young voters,” Cohn pressed.

“Young voters are by far the likeliest to say he’s just too old to be an effective president,” he added.

“Many are upset about his handling of the Israel-Hamas war.”

“And all of this is against the backdrop of Mr. Biden’s longstanding weakness among young voters, who weren’t enthusiastic about him in 2020, and Mr. Trump’s gains among nonwhite voters, who are disproportionately young.”

Biden’s struggles with young voters predate the 2024 presidential race and discusses Trump’s gains among nonwhite voters, who are disproportionately young.

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