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Biden Campaign Scrambling To Influence ‘Minority Voters’

via The Telegraph on Youtube
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Biden campaign spokesman Quentin Fulks discussed the concerns among Democrats over slipping support in key demographic groups, including young people and communities of color.

The campaign is focusing on drawing contrasts and emphasizing accomplishments to bring these voters back.

Fulks also mentioned the importance of engaging with upset voters, including Muslim Americans upset by Biden’s support for Israel. (Trending: Biden Shamefully Removes God From National Address)

He emphasized that Biden’s focus is on diplomacy and keeping America safe.

“Our focus is on drawing that contrast and talking about what we want to do and what we have accomplished, and so, for younger voters in particular, focusing on the fact that the president is fighting to prevent gun violence, fighting for climate change, while Donald Trump is, as recently as today with the IRA, saying that he would repeal it or try to roll it back, said Fulks.

“And so these are things that we have to be focused on and have to make core to our campaign and the messaging to talk to these voters,” he continued.

Adding, “We’re going to have to do that in a lot of different ways. As our campaign has said, we’re already up on television, $25 million advertising buy.

Psaki followed up with a question about losing support from Muslim Americans over their unwavering support of Israel.

“Look, I mean, first of all, the president always says that it’s really important for us to continue to engage with folks even when they’re upset at us,” ansswered Fulks.

“As you know, you have probably heard him say it before, I wish — this is tough for me, because I wish I could come on television and tell everybody all the things that Joe Biden is doing to bring hostages home, to keep innocent civilians in the region safe, he continued.

“But, as you know, this work is normally — this work of diplomacy is normally done behind closed doors, because that’s where it’s most effective, said the campaign spokesman.

“And so, while I can’t do that, Joe Biden has not, since day one of this, treated this as a political issue. He’s treated this as an issue from being commander in chief and keeping America safe,” insisted Fulks.

Claiming, “That’s where his focus is. And so, for us, that’s the reason that 81 million Americans turned out to send Joe Biden to the White House in the first place. And it’s in stark contrast to what Donald Trump or the Republicans bring to the table.”

“And, unfortunately, in our political climate, that — the people who go out and beat their chest about everything that they do get the attention. That’s not who Joe Biden is. But, at the end of the day, that’s exactly why Joe Biden was elected four years ago,” concluded Fulks.

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