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No Actual Christian Would Endorse Trump

via ITV News on Youtube
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Former President Donald Trump has taken the lead in Iowa, signaling a crucial moment in the Republican Party.

Bob Vander Plaats, a significant Christian conservative figure, has expressed doubt about Trump’s invincibility and may endorse one of Trump’s challengers.

Endorsements from high-profile figures, such as Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, could significantly impact the candidates’ campaigns. (Trending: Chilling Surveillance Program Under Biden Exposed)

“There’s definitely a shot that the former president can be beat here,” suggested Vander Plaats.

“It’s a forum he’d want to take advantage of and remind our base of all the good things he did while he was president,” challenged the evangelical leader.

The influence of endorsements on Iowa caucus-goers is a subject of debate, with some arguing that personal interactions with candidates are more influential.
Campaign strategist Nicole Schlinger said, “I think what matters more to Iowa caucus-goers than anything is meeting with the candidates and getting their questions answered about their policy positions.”

There are polarized views on Donald Trump, with debates over the role of religion in shaping political affiliations and concerns about the commercialization of religious leadership.

There are also contrasting perceptions of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s governance and leadership potential.

Plaats endorsed Ron DeSantis for president, prompting criticism from President Trump, who accused Vander Plaats of soliciting bribes.

“Bob Vander Plaats, the former High School Accountant from Iowa, will do anything to win, something which he hasn’t done in many years,” Trump posted.

“He’s more known for scamming Candidates than he is for Victory, but now he’s going around using Disinformation from the Champions of that Art, the Democrats.” (Trending: SNL Legend Unleashes On Democrats)

“I don’t believe anything Bob Vander Plaats says,” he added.

“Anyone who would take $95,000, and then endorse a Candidate who is going nowhere, is not what Elections are all about!”

Vander Plaats emphasized the need for a winning candidate in 2024 and highlighted DeSantis’ successes in Florida.

“Gov. DeSantis took a reliable toss-up state in Florida and made it complete red, won by 20 points, won in demographics that we haven’t won in,” said Vander Plaats. “But he’s also done that by being a bold and courageous leader.”

Trump’s campaign mocked Vander Plaats’ endorsement, claiming that faith leaders in Iowa support Trump without demanding money.

“Over 150 faith leaders in Iowa are organizing their congregations for President Trump and not a single one demanded nearly $100k like Bob Vander Plaat$ did from Ron DeSanctus,” Trump’s campaign stated.

“When you are actually the leader of a movement like President Trump is, people are willing to support you for free.”

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