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McConnell Finally Wakes Up Over Democrats’ Failures

via CBS
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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell criticized Senate Democrats for potentially linking support for Israel to the border crisis and accused them of engaging in cynical politics.

McConnell emphasized the interconnectedness of security challenges and urged addressing them all.

“Unfortunately, Senate Democrats have already suggested they want to condition urgent resources for one of our top security priorities on not addressing another one,” McConnell said. (Trending: Chilling Surveillance Program Under Biden Exposed)

“Apparently, our colleagues are considering putting support for Israel on the chopping block unless we promise not to fix the border crisis they helped create.”

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer highlighted the holdup in the national security package due to Republican demands, and Speaker Mike Johnson signaled openness to funding national security concerns.

“This has injected a decades old, hyper-partisan issue into overwhelmingly bipartisan priorities,” Schumer said.

“Democrats stand ready to work on common-sense solutions to address immigration, but purely partisan hard-right demands, like those in H.R. 2, jeopardize the entire national security supplemental package.”

McConnell praised GOP efforts to fix the broken asylum process and stressed the need to address national security threats simultaneously, rather than one at a time.

“Our Democratic colleagues would do well to take these efforts seriously,” McConnell pressed.

“The bottom line is simple: We don’t have the luxury of addressing glaring threats to our national security one at a time. Crises don’t solve themselves just because Washington can’t muster the political will to address them.”

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