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Elon Musk Visits Massacre In Israel: ‘Jarring To See The Scene’

via Forbes Breaking News
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Elon Musk visited a kibbutz in southern Israel with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to witness the aftermath of violence caused by Hamas terrorists.

Musk wore a bulletproof vest and saw the destruction and burnt homes where over 50 people were killed and others taken hostage.

He watched a video showing the terrorist acts. (Trending: Donald Trump Confronts Bud Light CEO.)

“It was jarring to see the scene of the massacres as well as to see the short film afterwards that showed more of innocent people getting killed,” said Musk.

“It was troubling in that movie, especially to see the joy experienced by people that were killing innocent civilians, including kids and babies and defenseless people essentially,” continued the Tesla CEO.

“It’s one thing if, obviously, if civilians die, accidentally, but it’s another thing to revel in the joy of killing civilians. That’s evil,” he proclaimed.

“The rebuttal is often made, ‘Well, Israel has killed civilians in Gaza,’ but there is an important difference here, which is that Israel tries to avoid killing civilians, doing everything it can to avoid killing civilians,” explained Musk.

Musk expressed shock at the joy displayed by the terrorists while killing civilians, emphasizing the difference in Israel’s approach to avoiding civilian casualties.

He found the global support for Hamas troubling and agreed with Netanyahu on the need to eliminate the terrorist regime while also focusing on rebuilding Gaza.

Musk also highlighted the importance of combatting anti-Semitic propaganda.

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