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Doocy Corners Press Secretary On ‘Bidenomics’

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Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy questioned Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre on the belief that the American people could feel the economy improving.

Doocy pressed Jean-Pierre on whether families had noticed a decrease in prices and whether they believed the economy was improving.

Jean-Pierre reiterated the administration’s claim that the data shows the economy is improving, despite what American families might be feeling. (Trending: Biden Shamefully Removes God From National Address)

Doocy continued to press Jean-Pierre on why a majority of Americans are not buying into the claim that the economy is improving, to which she responded by blaming the COVID-19 pandemic and former President Donald Trump for any continued economic hardships.

“So, is it your sense that when people are home for Thanksgiving, catching up with their family members, they were saying to each other, ‘Can you believe how much more affordable things have gotten?’” Doocy asked.

“So, honestly, I wouldn’t … I hear the question, but I want to make sure this is very clear. We take that very seriously,” KJP responded.

“We take what families — the decisions that they make at their kitchen table, whether it’s at whether it’s during Thanksgiving or whether it is every month, as they’re trying to make hard decisions about how they move forward with taking care of their family — we take that very seriously,”

“It’s not a joke to us, it is important to us.”

“The fact is the data shows that the economy is improving. The data shows that households remain in a strong financial position.”

“But why do you think it is that when you say the economy is improving and President Biden says the economy is improving, that a majority of Americans outside of this building are not buying it?” Doocy pressed.

“It’s going to take some time, but it does not take away how we have seen the economy getting back on its feet. We actually had to fix the problem that we saw, that the last administration left us,” she said.

Jean-Pierre also mentioned that Biden’s American Rescue Plan had helped small businesses and schools to reopen.

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