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Bidenomics: The Cost Of Big Mac Extra Value Meals Is Going Up

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The cost of a Big Mac Value Meal has risen to $18 in some locations, marking a significant increase from 2018.

This surge in prices reflects the broader issue of inflation under President Joe Biden’s economic policies, impacting essential items such as food and energy.

The soaring costs have affected household budgets, with over half of voters in key swing states citing grocery prices as a top concern. (Trending: Chilling Surveillance Program Under Biden Exposed)

Despite the evident price hikes, President Biden seemed unaware of the situation, mistakenly claiming that the costs of items like turkey, gas, and air travel had decreased.

“You know, from turkey, to air travel, to a tank of gas, costs went down,” said Biden.

The data shows significant increases in prices for various goods, including ground beef, coffee, fresh produce, eggs, frozen turkeys, airline fares, and gasoline.

Turkeys (U.S. Department of Agriculture):
• November 2020 price: $1.15
• November 2023 price: $1.27

Airline Fare (FED’s CPI):
• January 2021: $208.03
• October 2023: $251.31

Gallon of Gas (AAA):
• January 2021: $2.38
• November 2023: $3.25

These developments could have implications for the 2024 election, as the public grapples with the economic impact of inflation.

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