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Joe Biden Is Doomed In 2024

via 60 Minutes
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President Joe Biden’s poll numbers are dire for Democrats, with an approval rating of 38.9% and trailing Donald Trump in national polls.

There are debates on whether to take these numbers at face value or if Biden’s numbers will improve.

The bad numbers for Biden have been constant for the past two years, and the reasons for this are being debated. (Trending: Donald Trump Confronts Bud Light CEO.)

One theory is that Biden has unique flaws as a candidate, while another suggests that voters are unhappy with the economy and state of the world.

Biden’s age is also a concern, and there are doubts about his competence.

The tough time for incumbents in developed democracies and the state of the economy are also seen as factors contributing to Biden’s unpopularity.

“The president is currently registering a 38.9 percent approval rating on average. He’s trailing Donald Trump in national polls by 2.3 percentage points. And he’s also trailing Trump in five of the six key Electoral College swing states,” the report found.

Recent presidents who won reelection all had approval in the high 40s or above in their election years.

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