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Illegal Immigrants Caught Stealing From Retailers In Suburbs

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Five Venezuelan migrants were arrested for stealing hundreds of dollars in merchandise from retailers in the suburbs outside of Chicago.

The migrants were charged with burglary and retail theft, with one being detained pre-trial and the others ordered released.

There has been an uptick in criminal activity from the migrant community, according to the Oak Brook Deputy Chief of Police. (Trending: Donald Trump Confronts Bud Light CEO.)

“Lenguieyer Guevara-Muro, 27, and Jinder Moises Angulo-Aparicio, 20, allegedly stuffed the $770 worth of clothing into a foil-lined bag and left the store without paying,” the report found.

“Guevara-Muro left the store carrying the bag and refused to stop when loss prevention officers and an Oak Brook police officer on patrol approached him, according to authorities,” the report added.

“He allegedly resisted when the police officer attempted to take him into custody and was taken to the ground and handcuffed.”

“For the second day in a row, my office has filed charges against individuals from Venezuela accused of stealing merchandise from a retail store,” DuPage County State’s Attorney Robert Berlin said.

Oak Brook Deputy Chief of Police Reid Foltyniewicz said, “We want everyone to be aware of the increase in criminal activity from the migrant community coming from Chicago.”

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