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High Schooler Who Murdered Classmate Freed Early Under New Law

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Jae Williams, convicted in the 2009 thrill killing of his classmate, has been released from prison after serving nine years of a 26-year sentence.

His release was made possible by a new law that prohibits anyone under 16 from being tried as adults.

Despite this, Williams’ release has caused pain for the family of the victim, Michael Russell. (Trending: Chilling Surveillance Program Under Biden Exposed)

The murder was described as a “thrill killing” because Williams wanted to know what it’s like to murder someone.

“The state legislature essentially tied the hands of prosecutors and said you can no longer charge a 14 or a 15 year old as an adult, regardless of the nature of the crime,” legal analyst Steven Clark said.

Williams’ lawyer, Lewis Romero, said, “Finally, the courts have done what is just.”

“We should stop caging children and punishing them – not only in California, the United States, across the world. We are more interested in cage-free chickens, cage-free animals. We should be more focused on cage-free children.”

Russell’s family members said they’re left with nothing but pain.

“He would have been a great contributor to society and unfortunately he’s not the one that gets to live here in it because Jae killed him,” said Cathy Russell, Michael’s aunt.

“[Jae] gets to live here now. He gets to be out and be a member of our community. It’s so not deserving.”

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