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Fox News Exposed By New Book

via Fox News
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Author and media journalist Brian Stelter’s new book, “Network of Lies,” delves into the relationship between Fox News, Donald Trump, and the battle for American democracy.

Stelter emphasizes the significance of the Dominion versus Fox lawsuit, which revealed internal emails and texts exposing a struggle between truth and narrative at Fox News.

“It was very clear that Trump had lost, but because stars like Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity panicked, they freaked out,” Stelter said. (Trending: Biden’s Mental Decline Getting Even Worse)

“The audience also freaked out. Fox’s audience did not want to hear the truth.”

“And so what you see in these emails and text messages is a tug of war between what is true and what these hosts and executives want to be true.”

“And ultimately, the lies oftentimes won out.”

“Lies oftentimes were the prevailing narrative on Fox.”

“There was a remarkable message from Suzanne Scott, the CEO of Fox News Media saying, the fact checking of Trump on air has to stop. It’s bad for business.”

“And that was the sad truth back then. It was bad for business for Fox to tell the truth that Trump had lost.”

Stelter highlights Tucker Carlson’s role, describing how he was out of touch and isolated, leading to radicalized rhetoric.

Stelter also suggests that this isolation extends beyond Carlson, affecting millions who only seek information that aligns with their beliefs, leading to potential consequences.

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