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Voters Reach ‘Peak of Mistrust’ After Voting Machines Glitch Again

via 11Alive

Issues with touchscreen voting devices during recent elections in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, have raised concerns about the integrity of local elections.

Glitches similar to those seen in the county’s 2019 judges race have led to doubts about the voting system, with voters and local leaders expressing alarm.

The glitches caused mismatches between voters’ choices and the printouts meant to confirm their votes. (Trending: Biden’s Mental Decline Getting Even Worse)

“In 2019, when the issues came up with the touchscreens, we were told, ‘Don’t worry about it. The cards are recording the votes,’” Northampton County Republican Committee chair Glenn Geissinger said.

“OK, you’re telling me now, in 2023, ‘Don’t worry about what’s printed on the card’?”

Both Republicans and Democrats have voiced mistrust in the voting machines and called for a full investigation and transparency to restore trust.

“We’re at the peak of mistrust of one another, but until that subsides, counties like ours need to be nearly perfect, and I think this system allows us to do that,” Lamont McClure said.

“ES&S and Northampton officials acknowledged that pre-election software testing, which is conducted jointly, should have caught that problem,” Politico reported.

“We deeply regret what has occurred today,” Linda Bennett, senior vice president of account management at ES&S stated.

However, state officials have cautioned against using the incident to undermine confidence in the electoral process, indicating that the issues should not be a reason to distrust the touchscreen devices.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Al Schmidt stated that “the broader concern is that an incident like this would be misused to undermine confidence in our electoral process.”

“The county’s conflicting messages to the public on Election Day led to confusion, concern, and doubt in the security and accuracy of votes. These mistakes grow into misinformation,” said Philip Hensley-Robin, executive director of Common Cause PA.

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