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U.S. Online Sales Set Record On Black Friday As More Shoppers Opt To Stay Home

via ABC

U.S. online sales on Black Friday surged by 7.5% compared to last year, reaching a record $9.8 billion, driven by online deals and discounts.

The shift to online shopping was evident, with 52% of consumers planning to skip in-store Black Friday shopping.

Additionally, 68% of consumers were expected to shop online for holiday deals, and 66% were set to hunt for bargains on Cyber Monday. (Trending: US Troops Deliver Devastating Blow to Biden)

Wealth Consulting Group’s CEO Jimmy Lee said, “I think people are going to still spend on travel and leisure activities that might be online and not necessarily in stores.”

“The excitement of waiting in lines on Black Friday – there’s not as much of that anymore,” he lamented.

Adding, “A lot of people …. would rather just sit at home and look for deals.”

Retailers aimed to leverage these online sales to offset poor earnings and attract conservative shoppers after facing backlash for promoting transgenderism.

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