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No, 50 Israeli Hostages In Exchange For 150 Palestinian Prisoners Was Not A Good Deal

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FOX News contributor Brit Hume criticized the Israel-Hamas hostage trade and cease-fire as unequal, but acknowledged that it is deeply embedded in Israeli tradition to go to extraordinary lengths to get their people back.

He noted that while it may not be a good deal in military terms, Israel has a history of making deals far more unequal in the past.

Hume also raised concerns about the potential for further cease-fires and the power of hostage-taking as leverage against Israel. (Trending: SNL Legend Unleashes On Democrats)

“In pure military terms, Mike, this is not a good deal. 50 hostages in exchange for 150 Palestinian prisoners plus a much-wanted cease-fire as far as Hamas is concerned not a good deal,” said Hume.

“But, listen, Israel has a long history of going to extraordinary lengths to get its people back, captive Israeli citizens,” he continued.

“And they have made deals far more unequal than this in the past. So, this is what they do. And it is deeply embedded in Israeli tradition, he added.

“So I don’t think that the political leadership or even the war cabinet in Israel felt it had much of a choice than to try and do this, suggested Hume.

“But it does open the door to the possibility that further cease-fires, which are not militarily desirable when you are trying to completely eliminate an enemy, would be — would be put in place to get more of them back,” he further explained.

And in addition to that, of course, you can make a pretty good case that this shows the power of hostage-taking and the leverage that it affords an enemy, said Hume to his viewers.

Adding, “Particularly an enemy of Israel. So, it remains to be seen whether even though it was probably traditionally dictated, this turns out to be a good deal.”

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