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Mystery Deadly Illness Is Killing Dogs Across The US

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A mysterious and potentially fatal respiratory illness has affected dogs in several states, including Oregon, Indiana, Illinois, Washington, Idaho, California, and Nevada.

The illness is characterized by a persistent cough, fever, lethargy, pneumonia, and other symptoms.

Dr. Lindsay Ganzer said, “It seems to happen very, very quickly.” (Trending: SNL Legend Unleashes On Democrats)

“[Dogs] go from this cough that just won’t go away… then all of a sudden they develop this pneumonia,” added the veternarian.

According to KIRO7, Lab Director Kevin Snekvik said, “Your dog will run a fever and they won’t feel good.”

“They’ll become lethargic, meaning they want to lie around more when normally they’d be wanting to play outside… and the coughing part of it, that becomes more productive like a wet cough, like a hacking cough,” he warned.

Dr. Amanda Cavanaugh said that,”this year, the spike has stayed high,” when discussing what she has experienced at her clinic.

Kurt Williams said researchers are “trying to pin down a potential cause or causes for the entity,” at places like The Oregon Veterinary Diagnostics Lab.

The cause is unknown, but researchers believe it could be a virus.

“The way the cases are presenting, the way that they’re apparently spreading – anecdotally, of course – it sounds infectious,” said Williams to reporters.

Dog owners are advised to ensure their pets are up to date on vaccines and to avoid boarding or congregating with unfamiliar dogs.

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