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Liberal Media Starts To Turn On Biden

via CNBC Television.

A new report reveals that First Lady Jill Biden is actively involved in her husband’s administration behind the scenes, participating in the selection of administration officials and shielding her husband from exhausting events.

There is speculation that her influence could be a larger issue, with her involvement in official matters and encouragement for Joe Biden to seek a second term.

“Jill Biden’s reported influence in the White House comes as Joe Biden has been scrutinized for being led off stage by the first lady, and appearing to be physically led away from reporters’ questions. Jill Biden has been appearing frequently at public events and plans to hit the campaign trail going into the 2024 election,” reported The Guardian.

They doubled down on a different report, claiming that Jill Biden is actually “running the show”.

“Behind the scenes, First Lady Jill Biden might be running the show,” wrote the outlet.

A former aide reportedly said, “She is always his final gut check,” about Jill Biden.

“The first lady, Jill Biden, encouraged her husband to seek a second term,” claimed The Guardian.

“According to the president’s senior advisers, he will often consider her opinion before making final decisions on official matters. She is also expected to play a large role on the campaign trail as Biden faces backlash from his family. A career educator, she offers a perspective over GOP fights about book bans and other policies in schools and has served as a connection to suburban voters, particularly women,” wrote the media outlet.

Recent surveys show Trump leading Biden in key swing states, with widespread disapproval of Biden’s handling of the economy.

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