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Leftist Loses It Over ‘Right Wing Populism’

via CNN

CNN host Abby Phillip criticized the election of Javier Milei in Argentina, labeling him a “far-right populist” who shares Donald Trump’s anger and characterizing the global rise of conservative, populist governments as “far right.”

She compared Milei to other “far right” politicians and emphasized the export of right-wing populism.

“Listen to Milei and he shared Donald Trump’s anger,” she said.

“This phenomenon, this right-wing populism but really the emphasis on the populism here, rather than an import to the United States in some ways an export to the rest of the world as well,” she said.

The negative characterization of populism in the media aligns with segments claiming Trump’s populist appeal will result in authoritarianism, contrasting with Trump’s claims of being a victim of a weaponized Justice Department under President Joe Biden.

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