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Key Swing County Sounds Alarm Bells on Voting Machines Ahead of 2024

via ABC
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Voters and officials in Northampton County, Pennsylvania, are concerned about the reliability of electronic voting machines after experiencing glitches in recent elections.

The machines had issues with fraudulent votes in a 2019 race and problems with paper printouts not matching touchscreen selections in a 2023 election.

Despite assurances from officials, trust in the machines has been undermined, and calls for change are growing. (Trending: SNL Legend Unleashes On Democrats)

County Executive Lamont McClure said, “We’re at the peak of mistrust of one another, but until that subsides, counties like ours need to be nearly perfect, and I think this system allows us to do that.”

Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State, Al Schmidt said, “The broader concern is that an incident like this would be misused to undermine confidence in our electoral process.”

“One of the things I’ve learned through ‘19 and ‘23 is that the machines that we have have a great deal of redundancy built in,” explained McClure.

The Chair of the Northampton County Democratic Party, Matthew Munsey said, “Since 2019, the theory has been well, that was a big mistake, but we caught it and we’ve implemented new processes to make sure nothing like that would ever happen again.”

Adding, “I don’t know how we can restore trust with these machines.”

Some are advocating for the machines to be replaced, while others seek a more robust backup system before the 2024 elections.

However, state and county officials maintain that the machines and their backup procedures are sound, while acknowledging that no voting system is immune to human error.

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