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Jordan Peterson Exposes The Democrat Party

via Fox News

Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson discussed the Democratic Party’s relationship with Marxism, criticizing its influence in colleges and universities.

He highlighted the party’s failure to address leftist radicalism and the dangerous consequences of the oppressor-oppressed narrative applied to race, gender, and identity.

Peterson also pointed out the party’s refusal to draw a line between moderate and extremist Democrats, leading to potential brutal consequences. (Trending: SNL Legend Unleashes On Democrats)

“Part of the reason that you see all this foolishness on university campuses, too, is because people have bought this idiot meta-Marxism, which is that the way to look at every social relationship that people ever have is through the lens of power,” Peterson said.

“The leftists have already decided the Palestinians are the victims.”

“And, as you [Paul] pointed out, if you’re a victim, then you’re morally righteous. And even more conveniently if you stand for the victim then you’re morally righteous regardless of what you do with your own life,” he added.

“And one of the things the Democrats also have to pay the price for, I would say, is their absolute refusal to draw a line between the moderate Democrats and the extremists.”

“I’ve talked to 40 senators and congressmen in the last five years. I asked them all the same question, including RFK. He wouldn’t answer either.”

The discussion emphasized the party’s reliance on stoking resentment and division, and the potential for radicalism to turn against its establishment.

“Peterson is accurately describing wokeism or intersectionality or cultural Marxism – the oppressor/oppressed false binary that is a poison our kids are being fed – not only in Universities – but in all levels of public education in America,” one X user posted.

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