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Israel-Hamas War Is Ending Relationships Between Conservatives

via Ben Shapiro.
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The David Horowitz Freedom Center, a conservative organization that initially supported Candace Owens, has released a statement distancing itself from her.

They expressed regret for propelling Owens to fame, criticizing her for false claims about Israel and her focus on personal fame over meaningful activism.

The organization condemned her remarks as ignorant and morally obtuse, expressing disappointment and stating they will continue to support activists committed to freedom and human life. (Trending: SNL Legend Unleashes On Democrats)

“Six years ago, the David Horowitz Freedom Center invited the then little-known Candace Owens to its annual Restoration Weekend gathering of conservative movers and shakers,” the organization began.

“The David Horowitz Freedom Center went on promoting Candace, honored her with an Annie Taylor Award for Courage in 2018, and hosted her at multiple events,” it is “so disappointed in what she has become.”

“The David Horowitz Freedom Center wishes to express its deep disappointment with Candace’s ignorant, hateful and morally obtuse remarks about Israel and the Jews. But, of course, it’s not just about the Jews. The Jews are the canaries in the mine. The West is next and America above all.”

“It’s one thing to have been alive in the Thirties and not realize where the Nazis were heading. It is quite another to be alive during a 75-year campaign by Islamic jihadis to ‘finish the job that Hitler started,’ and fail to stand against their open campaign to create a second Holocaust.”

Owens had been involved in a feud with colleague Ben Shapiro over her comments on Israel, but the Daily Wire co-CEO defended her right to express her opinions.

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