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Ex-Satanist Who Says He Met Terrifying Satan in Hell Now Devotes Life to Christ

via Cornerstone Television Network
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John Ramirez, a former Satanist, recounted a vivid out-of-body experience where he took a train to hell and met the devil, but after challenging God and subsequently finding Jesus, he now lives a committed life to Christ.

Ramirez spent years in the occult, including Santeria and satanic cults, before turning to Christ.

He now shares his testimony and runs John Ramirez Ministries, focusing on spiritual warfare and helping others find freedom in Christ. (Trending: Biden’s Mental Decline Getting Even Worse)

Ramirez emphasizes the reality of Satan and the importance of confronting and defeating the devil, contrary to the belief that Satan is a mere fantasy.

“There also were people on the train and I could see the terror of fear on them, but I couldn’t see their faces,” Ramirez said.

“They knew they were going somewhere and they knew they were not coming back.”

“Also, Jezebel was on the train, which is a demon principality, yelling from across the aisle, calling me a traitor in demonic tongues. The train made an explosion right into hell and the doors were opened,” he said.

“God told me sometime later that these individuals were not going to repent,” Ramirez added.

“[He] said, ‘I have to kill you, because you know all the secrets of my kingdom and you’re going to tell humanity about how I entrap them,” Ramirez said of his encounter with Satan.

“I was in the highest level of the shadows of the demonic. I would sit and talk to the devil like I’m talking to you — all night long.”

“I came back into my body like a lightning bolt, or like I was in ICU and someone doing these like electrical paddles on my chest,” he said. “I came back alive again, and that’s why I surrendered my life to Jesus.”

“Santeria is an occult, demonic, I would say one of the highest levels of witchcraft in the planet, in the world,” he said. “Santeria means ‘worship of saints,’ but that’s not the reality of it; it’s worship of demons.”

“I had no respect for God,” he said. “Satan was god to me — the small ‘G’ — and, to me, God was somewhere in the universe … taking care of the Christian people,” he said.

“Everyone’s soul belongs to God, and no one truly sells their soul to the devil because their soul will always belong to God, their Creator,” Ramirez pressed.

“But, selling your soul to the devil is another way of saying you are devoting your focus, allegiance and time to the devil. You are making a commitment to something that isn’t worthy, and that is not a good return in the end.”

“The love of Jesus Christ is in my heart, and what he has done in my life is truly supernatural,” he said. “There are a lot of people who have been hurt by witchcraft and demonic forces, and I am here now to set others free because God freed me.”

“I am free in Christ,” Ramirez said. “I know my purpose and my destiny today in Christ.”

“The church at large thinks that … Satan is a fantasy,” Ramirez said. “They think he’s just a cartoon on Saturday mornings, but Jesus never took the devil lightly. … Jesus confronted the devil, Jesus defeated the devil.”

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