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Argentine President-Elect Milei: ‘I Didn’t Come Here To Guide Lambs, But To Awaken Lions’

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Javier Milei, the libertarian president-elect of Argentina, emphasizes in an interview that politicians should not have privileges above the people they represent.

He asserts that the party is over for politicians and that a different Argentina is impossible with the same old people.

Milei believes that the population is awakening and will hold corrupt politicians and businessmen accountable. (Trending: US Troops Deliver Devastating Blow to Biden)

“We aren’t above the ones we represent. In financial terms, ‘The derivative is never worth more than the underlying asset,'” explained Milei.

“The derivative exists because the underlying asset exists. We exist as representatives of the people because the people exist, he continued.”

“It is madness, it is delusional, to think that a representative of the people is above the people he represents themselves, charged the president-elect.

Adding, “It is a delusion in which the political caste exists.

“Their privileges are over! The party is over!” celebrated Milei.

“This is something only an outsider can achieve. Only a guy who comes from outside can do it. And not just any kind of outsider because history is full of outsiders who get into pre-existing structures,” revealed Milei.

“We are outsiders because we are outsiders without a pre-existing structure,” said Milei.
“Because, as I said in my first speech, ‘I did not come here to guide lambs. I came here to awaken lions,’, exclaimed Milei.

“And, they are waking up. They are waking up!” he declared.

Promising, “They will devour the thieving politicians.”

“They will devour the prebendary businessmen. They will devour the unionists who betray their people. They will devour those in the media who were functional to all those thieves to keep this party going, continued Milei.

“They will do away with the ‘econo-frauds’ the ‘poll-ologues’ and all that garbage,” vowed Milei.

Alleging, “They advocate for the religion of the State because they steal from it!”

“When the exponential function begins to grow, you cannot stop it!” cautioned Milei at the end of his interview.

He expressed confidence in the people’s ability to bring about change and advocated for a life of freedom.

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