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This Is Why Americans Love Candace Cameron Bure

via Candace Cameron Bure on Youtube
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Candace Cameron Bure and Great American Family Network (GAF) CEO Bill Abbott discussed their goal of creating faith-based films that honor faith, family, and country, aiming to provide quality content that serves family and faith.

Bure, who develops, produces, and stars in movies for the network, emphasized the importance of honoring U.S. military veterans in their films and the appreciation shown by service members for their efforts.

“I think we want to create an oasis in a cultural desert,” Bure said.

Abbott agreed, saying, “I think that the culture overall needs it.”

“And there is just so little content out there that serves family and faith and is done in a quality way.”

“And so that is a very big part of what our mission is and what we do, and the demand is huge.”

“They [service members] really are appreciative that we honor faith, family and country and that we are pro-country and we love America and we’re grateful for their service,” Bure said.

“So I know it means a lot to them that we honor them and we want to in really big ways because we know that we wouldn’t be here in peace without them,” she added.

“So this is just a small gesture of appreciation on our end.”

The duo also provided a special screening of their latest film at a military base, aiming to create movies for the whole family.

Bure’s decision to leave Hallmark and join GAF was influenced by Hallmark’s LGBTQ-themed stories.

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