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Voting for Trump Will Cause U.S. to Slip into Fascism

via Sky News
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Filmmaker Rob Reiner warned on MSNBC that voting for Donald Trump in 2024 would lead the U.S. into fascism.

He emphasized the significance of the upcoming election, highlighting Trump’s authoritarian inclinations and the need to choose between democracy and fascism.

Reiner said, “Last segment you talked about how young people are confused.”

“They don’t like Trump, they don’t like Biden, they can’t decide who they want to vote for.”

“But I’m trying to impress upon people as best I can that every time we have a presidential election, they always say, this is the most important election of our lifetime, they’re tired of it, this one actually is.”

“You have one candidate in Trump who actually tells you he’s going to govern like an authoritarian.”

“He says it. It’s not a mystery.”

“And you have another guy who has been there, knows how to run the government, believes in the Constitution, believes in democracy, the rule of law, and you’ve got to make a choice.”

Reiner stressed the critical decision facing the country, urging the public to consider the future of self-rule.

“You have to make a choice. Do we want fascism, or do we want to continue the 248 years of self-rule?”

“Right now we’re at a place where it’s a cross roads. Do we want to continue democracy, or do we want to slip into fascism?”

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