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SWAT Team Storms Actor’s House

via FOX 61

Voice actor Ned Luke, known for his role in “Grand Theft Auto 5,” was swatted during a live YouTube stream, prompting him to abruptly end the broadcast.

Swatting, a dangerous hoax involving false 911 calls, has become more common, with over 200 incidents recorded by the FBI between May and September.

The FBI takes swatting seriously due to the risks it poses to innocent people. (Trending: Biden’s Mental Decline Getting Even Worse)

Luke accused “GTA’s” publisher, Rockstar, of not masking the IP addresses of its players.

“I gotta go,” said Luke in the middle of his broadcast.

“Now these a–holes have swatted my house, so I gotta go,” exclaimed the popular streamer.

According to Fox News, “The FBI takes swatting very seriously because it puts innocent people at risk.”

The incident with Luke follows a similar swatting of YouTube star “IShowSpeed.”

Darren Watkins Jr said to his followers, “I just got swatted. I wish I knew whoever did that.”

“That’s f—ed up. Don’t ever do that again in your life, bro,” demanded Watkins.

These hoax threats have even resulted in fatalities, such as an incident in 2017 where a false report led to a fatal police shooting in Kansas.

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