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Donald Trump Gets Great News

via Fox News

A new EPIC/MRA poll indicates that President Joe Biden is trailing behind former President Donald Trump in Michigan by 5 points, with former governor Nikki Haley also leading Biden by 11 points in the same survey.

The poll suggests that Biden’s age and perceived poor handling of the economy are driving voters to other candidates.

“Biden pulled just 36% support against Haley and an even great percentage of likely voters were undecided (17%). Meanwhile, 37% of likely Michigan voters had not heard of Haley before, potentially showing her support might amount to merely voting against Biden,” Newsmax wrote.

“Democrats ought to be aware there is a growing possibility that Donald Trump may become president again,” EPIC-MRA pollster Bernie Porn stated.

“I think it’s his age and comparative perceptions of him versus Trump,” Porn said.

“People are dismissing the Bidenomics approach — they’re not impressed with that messaging.”

Additionally, reports show that many Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck, with inflation and high gas prices impacting their financial confidence.

“While consumers have found a way to manage through inflation, it’s concerning that many plan to tap into savings, and even exceed their budgets, to finance their holiday purchases, which may leave them vulnerable to an unexpected emergency,” said LendingClub’s Alia Dudum.

Another survey indicates that only 39 percent of voters in crucial swing states have confidence in Biden’s ability to handle the economy.

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