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Conservative Host Hilariously Mocks Democrat’s Unhinged Tirade

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Blaze Media host Sara Gonzales addressed accusations of racism after criticizing Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett in her show, mocking the leftist claims against her.

She defended her comments, stating that she regretted nothing and refused to apologize, arguing that she would call out anyone, regardless of race, for unprofessional behavior.

Gonzales also responded to specific critics, including one who accused her of racism, asserting that she was sorry for having to call out women in Congress acting unprofessionally.

“Welcome to The News and Why it Matters I am Sarah Gonzalez and I regret to inform you that cancel culture has once again come for yours truly, and who knows this might be my last show,” she said.

“Yes, it happened over the weekend when a clip from one of my recent shows went viral as I reacted to Representative Jasmine Crockett who apparently mistook a Joe Biden impeachment inquiry hearing for a daytime reality TV show.”

“This looks like more evidence of our national secrets, two counts related to efforts to obstruct the vote certification proceedings, one count of conspiracy to violate civil rights, 23 counts related to forgery or false document statements, eight counts related to soliciting and I could go on because he’s got 91 counts pended right now,” she said in the original clip.

“But I will tell you what the president has been guilty of he has unfortunately been guilty of loving his child unconditionally and that is the only evidence that they have brought forward. And honestly I hope and pray that my parents love me half as much as he loves his child until they find some evidence we need to get back to the people’s work which means keeping this government open so that people don’t go hungry in the streets of the united states and I will yield,” she added.

“They be blind up in here!” Gonzales mocked of Crockett.

“That this is how little they respect… This is how little they respect I can get my head on a swivel too except if I was in Congress, I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t do it cuz it’s not professional! I don’t have those nails because I’m not a hood rat!”

“Sara Gonzales of Texas is here to show America what being a racist piece of s— entails,” posted Ryan Shead.

“Rep. Jasmine Crockett has a law degree. Calling her a ‘hoodrat’ and comparing her to a Maury episode is ignorant at best. These are the women my wife has had to deal with her life. It makes me sick. If you think what Sarah did in this video is funny or accurate, f— you and please unfollow me. Thanks! F— you”

Responding to the claims, Gonzales said, “I just… I want to be clear: I’ve had a lot of time to reflect on the matter and on my word choice and I got to say after much reflection and many social media threats I just want to say I am so so incredibly sorry that we have women in congress acting like hood rats that I have to call out.”

“I am so sorry leftists can constantly dish it out but can’t take it see they want to call you and me a domestic terrorist an extremist a racist a homophobe a transphobe all the phobes they want to call you a nazi a deplorable, they want to call you whatever they please but they’re butthole puckers at the word hood rat!”

“I am especially so sorry they continue electing unserious people and for the record I regret nothing cuz it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white or purple if you don’t want to be called a hood rat don’t act like one I hope that clears things up especially for you Ryan especially for you Ryan. Why do you look exactly like I knew you would?”

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