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Christians Fight Back After City Tears Down Cross

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Christians in Albany, California are fighting to have a historic cross returned to its original spot after it was removed following legal battles with the city council and the Albany Lions Club.

The fight is due to opposition from some city council members and an atheist group, who spread lies about the cross.

The cross, erected in 1971 on privately owned land, is seen as a symbol of love and peace by the Lions Club. (Trending: US Troops Deliver Devastating Blow to Biden)

Albany Lions Club President, Kevin Pope said, “The members of the city council and some others really hate what it stands for,” Pope stated.

“There were lies actually brought up against the cross saying that it had affiliation with the KKK,” revealed local native Dorena Osborn.

Adding, “And there’s an atheist group that really hates the cross. And so they got people on city council and spread the lies.”

“Christians are called to be ambassadors for Christ, ambassadors for love. We want peace,” explained Pope.

“We don’t want to fight about this,” he continued.

“We are not against the city of Albany, but we are against the city council, the current city council, warned the Lions Club President.

“We don’t want division, but they are bringing division, and it’s a small group of people that are doing it,” said Pope.

They are against the city council, and plan to continue fighting to undo the removal of the cross.

Evangelist Franklin Graham expressed support for bringing the cross back.

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