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What Trump Is Doing Right

via CTV News
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Former President Donald Trump has been leading the 2024 Republican presidential race for months, with national polls showing him with 60% of the vote.

Most other candidates are polling in single digits, and some are starting to drop out.

Trump’s lead in the early states is also significant, with him cracking a majority of the vote in the last two polls in South Carolina.

“I’m watching a newscast, I’m watching a fake newscast, and they say, ‘Would you run against the president?’, said Trump at a recent rally.

‘I have no comments,’” mocked Trump.

“To me, that means he’s running. So I said, ‘That son of a b—- is running. Can you believe it?’” asked Trump.

Trump joked about Nikki Haley’s absence, saying “You’ve got to show up at these events, Nikki.”

“Oh, did I say that?” laughed Trump.

His opponents have struggled to campaign effectively against him, and his recent actions suggest he is making a strong push for the nomination.

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