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Torah Reading Gets Awkward As Leftist Jews Hold Pro-Ceasefire Rally

via CBS Evening News
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A group of leftist Jews and Rep. Rashida Tlaib gathered publicly to call for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict, planning a Torah reading in front of Congress.

During the reading, concerns arose as the reader lowered her voice during the part about God giving the land to the Jewish people, and the English translation omitted this section.

“God came to him (Isaac) and told him don’t go to Egypt, just stay where you are … I’m skipping a lot of parts here … gave him a lot of blessings for his kids …” she said.

The event led to heavy criticism, with some calling it a performance for non-Jewish audiences and an act of identity politics.

“Absolutely hilarious! She drops to a whisper when she realizes she’s about to read the words where God promises the land of Israel to the Jews. Then in the English translation he says ‘I’m skipping a lot of parts here,’” Chaya Raichik said.

“This might be the finest example of ‘irony is dead’ in all of human history …” Dave Rubin quipped.

“Anti-Israel Jews are decorative, identity politics ornaments—and, to get the best bang for the buck, they sometimes need to play-act as actual religious Jews. Here’s when it gets pretty awkward,” Dave Reaboi said.

The event sparked reactions highlighting the perceived irony and discomfort with the portrayal of religious Jewish practices in this context.

Blake Flayton added, “It is wrong to criticize Jews for their own interpretation of Judaism unless that interpretation is weaponized against Jewish communal interests. The ‘Rabbis for ceasefire’ event was a performance for the non-Jewish world, the only circumstance in which Cori Bush and the like could feel comfortable.”

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