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Thomas Sowell And Ben Shapiro Discuss Loss Of Freedom

via Fox News

Economist Dr. Thomas Sowell, in an interview with Ben Shapiro, discussed the dangers of relying on the government for “social justice” and the loss of freedom it may entail.

Sowell highlighted the fallacy of using government to enforce equality, cautioning that it could lead to a loss of freedom.

“When you simply give more and more power to the government on the illusion that they can [make everything equal], all that you’re doing is setting yourself for more and more of your freedom to be taken away by other people,” Sowell said. (Trending: US Troops Deliver Devastating Blow to Biden)

He also addressed disparities, citing examples like representation in sports, and emphasized the need for alternative educational resources to counter leftist indoctrination, suggesting the availability of diverse ideas through platforms like Hillsdale College’s online courses.

“What I think needs to be done is to open up some other avenue of information for young people that they won’t get the constant propaganda indoctrination that they find in most colleges around the country,” Sowell pressed.

“I think what needs to be done is for someone to organize a central place where people can hear other ideas that they are not likely to hear in the major institutions — whether someone will be able to do that or not, it remains to be seen,” he added.

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