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The U.S. Is No Longer Beacon of Democracy After January 6

via Fox News
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Retired Federal Judge J. Michael Luttig believes that the United States will “never recover” from the damage caused by former President Donald Trump and the Republican party’s actions.

He stated that the assault on American democracy, instigated by Trump and his allies, has significantly damaged confidence in the democratic system, elections, Constitution, and rule of law.

“The Republicans, led by the former president, instigated a war on American democracy on January 6th, 2021, and now, today, three years later, we know that they are determined to prosecute that war to its catastrophic end, Luttig said.

“Thus, the former president and his allies have continued to deny the 2020 presidential election for three years, maintaining that that election was stolen from the former president, notwithstanding that there is no evidence whatsoever of that, and that, indeed, President Joe Biden won that election fair and square.”

“Meanwhile, during those three years that effort led by the former president has laid waste to Americans’ confidence in their democracy and their elections, in their Constitution, and in their rule of law.”

“America will never recover from this assault on its democracy.”

Luttig expressed doubt that the nation will be able to fully recover from the events of the past three years and regain its former status as a beacon of democracy in the world.

“Hopefully, with time and in the not-too-distant future, America will come to its senses and move on and beyond this tragic period in our history, but we will never recover as a nation from these past three years, nor will we ever be viewed in the same way by the world prior to January 6th.”

“We were the beacon, if you will, of democracy around the world. No longer, I think, will that be the case.”

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