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Militants Attacking US Base Don’t Realize What’s in Sky Above Them

via Sam Eckholm on Youtube
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An unknown number of terrorists were killed in Iraq after they fired on U.S. troops and were met with return fire by a U.S. military AC-130 gunship.

The militants, backed by Iran, were targeted and taken out from the air.

Multiple terrorists were believed to be killed in the counterstrike, and a number of U.S. troops were wounded in the missile attack.

“On 21 Nov. an AC-130 gunship engaged individuals responsible for launching a missile attack on U.S. and Coalition personnel at Al Assad Airbase, Iraq,” Central Command stated.

“The gunship maintained visual confirmation of the individuals from the time of the launch to the time of engagement. This strike resulted in several enemy casualties.”

“I can confirm an attack last night by Iran backed militias using a close-range ballistic missile against U.S. and coalition forces at al-Assad Airbase in Iraq, which resulted in several non-serious injuries and some minor damage to infrastructure,” deputy Defense Department press secretary Sabrina Singh stated.

“We can confirm an attack last night by Iran-backed militias using a close-range ballistic missile against us and coalition forces at Al-Asad airbase, which resulted in eight injuries and minor damage to infrastructure,” said DoD press secretary Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder.

“Immediately following the attack, a U.S. military AC-130 aircraft in the area conducted a self defense strike against an Iranian-backed militia vehicle and a number of Iranian-backed militia personnel involved in this attack.”

American troops in the Middle East have faced escalating attacks from Iran-backed militias since the Oct. 7 Hamas terror attacks against Israel.

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